Flavors 'n More

Cake & Cupcake Flavors,

Fillings and Finishes

delicious options to create the perfect combination of flavors and fillings for your special cake-

We only use real butter and cream,  pure sugar, whole milk and the best quality ingredients and flavorings for our cakes & fillings

We handcraft every cake batter, filling and frosting- Every item we offer is made-to-order.

Our cakes are covered with a buttercream or fondant finish

See the differences here

"...I usually push icing to the side, especially Vanilla. But I ate every bite!"  

-Danielle S., Allendale, NJ

Cake Flavors



"....My family doesn't eat cake- HA!!! Well, they ate every crumb of Devilish & Divine...

 -Maureen H., Glen Rock, NJ

             Our Classic Cake Flavors:

Classic Vanilla*                  

Deep Chocolate 

Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip*   

Maple Cinnamon Swirl*                             

Vanilla Rainbow Sprinkle*

                  *also available as Gluten-Free

             Our Premium Cake Flavors:

  • Classic Southern Red Velvet             

  • Bold Espresso Cafe

  • Loco-Coconut                                       

  • Fresh Lemon

  • Homemade Banana *                       

  • Carrot Overload*

                                          *contains nuts


Fabulous Fillings 

We offer several delicious options to fill our cakes

 and can often create a flavor for you- just ask

Swiss Meringue


Our rich, yet feather-light buttercream is made with pure butter, egg whites and sugar; along with quality flavorings. We have delicious Standard and Premium Flavors available

Classic Favorites

  • Classic Vanilla

  • Chocolate Ganache

  • Juicy Lemon

  • Creamy Coconut

  • Banana

  • Raspberry

  • Espresso Mocha

  • Icy Mint

  • Cookies 'n Cream

  • Orange

  • Chocolate Mint

Other Tempting

Cake Fillings

More of our made-from-scratch fillings; all tempting and the perfect compliment to our awesome cakes.

Standard Options

  • Whipped Cream- made fresh with real heavy cream and a touch of vanilla and sugar

  • Chocolate Mousse- a seductive blend, made with imported chocolate

Devilish Little Surprises*

Bring a touch of unexpected flavor and fun to your cake by choosing a "little surprise"- an extra layer of decadence to add to your cake fillings.


Please note that fresh fruit is subject to market prices and availablilty  


  • Salted Caramel

  • Lemon Curd

  • Whipped Chocolate Ganache

  • Rapberry Preserves

  • Fresh Fruit 

Premium Flavors*

  • Chocolate Hazelnut

  • Fluffy Peanut Butter

  • Salted Caramel

  • Sweet Cream Cheese

  • Coconut White Chocolate

*additional cost

Premium Options*

  • Creme Patissiere- a luxurious blend of hand-crafted pastry custard and whipped cream. Available in:

  • Vanilla Bean

  • Chocolate

  • Cafe' Au Lait

  • Mocha


Buttercream and Fondant Finishes

Buttercream Finish

Our buttercream is a  feather-light Swiss Meringue Buttercream. We use pure egg whites, sugar and butter; it literally melts in your mouth, with nearly unlimited possibilities for flavoring and coloring to suit your design. Although it can be spread to a very smooth finish, our cake artists also use it to create terrific textures as well; from elegant rosettes to a rustic finish.

 Fondant Finishes

At Devilish & Divine we create nearly everything here in our kitchen, but we do not make our own fondant.  Rolled Fondant is a dough-like sugar icing that can produce an extremely smooth finish or be used to create the look of quilting, drapes and more. It is rolled thinly, draped over a cake, then smoothed to conform to the cake's shape. Even when covering a cake with fondant we still add a layer of our buttercream beneath, to help the fondant adhere correctly to the cake. Our fondant has a creamy smooth, marshmallow-y flavor- we love it! 

Rolled fondant adds to the cake's overall cost.